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Analog HD | 52OffRoad - Tacoma/4Runner
Analog HD | 52OffRoad - Tacoma/4Runner

Analog HD | 52OffRoad - Tacoma/4Runner

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ONLY 17x8.5 | ET0 | BS 4.75 in Slate Grey is in stock, everything else is back-ordered.

From start to finish, this line of HD truck wheels is designed with adventure in mind. Like you, we find joy in escaping the daily grind and getting out on the trails, so we know how important it is that wheels are able to get you there and back without any hindrance. Whether it's our own trucks or a customer's truck, Fifteen52 HD wheels are wheels that we know we can put our trust in, and out in the wilderness, that's what matters.

Introducing the Analog HD, a modern rendition of classic style. As we continue in our journey to remap off-road performance for everyday use, we thought it'd be a good idea to bring back a classic steel wheel with some minor adjustments and added functionality.

So we went to the drawing board and started with an all-aluminum construction to reduce unsprung weight, added some dimension to the center section that would channel airflow through the slotted pockets to your brake system, and included a reinforced flange design.

Bolt Pattern: 6x5.5 (6x139.7) Tacoma & 4Runner