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Fox - 2.0 Performance S/R Kit - Toyota Tacoma (2005-2020)
Fox - 2.0 Performance S/R Kit - Toyota Tacoma (2005-2020)
Fox - 2.0 Performance S/R Kit - Toyota Tacoma (2005-2020)
Fox - 2.0 Performance S/R Kit - Toyota Tacoma (2005-2020)
Fox - 2.0 Performance S/R Kit - Toyota Tacoma (2005-2020)
Fox - 2.0 Performance S/R Kit - Toyota Tacoma (2005-2020)

Fox - 2.0 Performance S/R Kit - Toyota Tacoma (2005-2020)

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Quick Overview:

  • 0-2″ (16-20) | .25-2.25″ (05-15) of lift (front)
  • Improved ride & handling
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Made in the USA


With FOX’s new Performance Series 2.0 S/R coilovers, we’re able to put together a budget-friendly kit for someone looking to lift their truck and get their feet wet in the off-road world. This is a cost-effective way to correctly lift your truck compared to spacer lifts and mixing and matching of the wrong parts.

FOX’s Performance Series 2.0 S/R shock is loaded with a long list of features that set it apart. This includes a new custom-molded spring seat, allowing you to reuse your stock spring and mounting hardware while providing excellent on- and off-road performance. The precision, the impact-extruded aluminum body is lightweight and rust-resistant. Inside the shock is an internal nitrogen-charged gas reservoir, contained by an internal floating piston (IFP) which separates the charged gas from the shock oil. Three predetermined preload settings allow a choice of 0”, 1” or 2” of lift.

On the ’16-20 models, it lifts the FRONT up to 2″ and on the ’05-15 models it lifts the FRONT up to 2.25″.

After lifting your truck, the stock upper arms become the limiting factor and hold back the performance of your suspension. The Camburg or other upper arms address these issues and more.  Replacing the arms increase wheel travel with a part that is considerably stronger and will last longer under extreme conditions. You have the option of our ball-joint or uniball series arms. Camburg also engineered the arms with more caster and changed the camber curve to correct geometry so the vehicle aligns correctly and improves driving characteristics and handling. Camburg's ball-joint arms are the most popular paired with a kit like this where the uniball version is it’s stronger counterpart. For more info on all our arms, check out their individual product pages to help make your choice.

In the rear, we go with a pair of FOX’s Performance Series 2.0 IFP shocks. These shocks have a larger aluminum shock body that holds more oil for better shock performance off-road, offers an increase in wheel travel/articulation, and has a more controlled ride for better bottoming resistance. You can select to not include them to lower the cost and decide to add them at a later time.

For more detailed information, see the individual product pages.

What's Included:

  • FOX Performance Series 2.0 S/R Coilovers (# 985-62-000)
  • Upper Control Arms of Your Choice
  • FOX Performance Series 2.0 IFP Rear Shocks (# 980-24-670)


  • Fits 6 lug 4wd and Prerunner 2wd models only
  • Springs not included (re-use factory)
  • Spring mounting hardware not included (re-use factory)
  • Use of a spring compressor required to install.
  • With so many variables of wheel size, offset/backspacing, tire size, brands, and styles, the amount of lift and specific suspension components, etc., you may need to trim the plastic inner fenders and/or modify the body mount behind the front tires to eliminate tire rubbing.