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QuikFlate 4 Tire Inflator/Deflator

QuikFlate 4 Tire Inflator/Deflator

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The quickest and easiest way to inflate and deflate all four tires at the same time. This system allows you to use standard air compressors, portable air compressors, and even CO2 like the Power Tank system. This system comes standard with a digital gauge so tire pressure is as accurate as possible. The hose size is a 3/8th, making it larger than other similar systems on the market. It is equipped with quick disconnects to split the hose to make storing the system easier versus one long hose. The air chucks are a closed system so air will NOT leak when connecting one tire at a time and will fit all wheels. 

Air chuck options include the standard 1-tooth clip chuck or the upgraded Haltec 3-tooth locking option. The Haltec chucks are far superior to the standard 1-tooth clip chucks as far as being able to lock on to the valve stem and not leak any air. The Haltecs however, will not work with RR6 wheels as the ring is too close to the valve stem.

The 3' Whip is made to help with CO2 so that it does not freeze the manifold when using constantly.

Specs: 3/8th hose, Milton fittings, closed-system air chucks, rugged storage bag, rugged digital gauge.

Made in USA