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RinseKit POD
RinseKit POD
RinseKit POD
RinseKit POD
RinseKit POD
RinseKit POD

RinseKit POD

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Easily rinse 2 people from head to toe or mist the team during a hot day. Rinse off after surfing, running, biking, or any activity. Wash your pets, clean the kids, and keep your gear clean and working well.


  • 1.75-gallon tank designed to store pressure for up to a month

  • Quickly fills from a hose bib or sink (sink adapter sold separately)

  • Compatible with both the heater and pump accessories. Accessories must be used one at a time and cannot be used simultaneously (accessories sold separately)
  • Easy reach 6ft long hose
  • 5 spray settings for all your rinsing needs (Jet, Mist, Center, Flat, Shower)

Add-On Options

Hot Water Adapter 

Now you can add hot water to your RinseKit! Or, if you live in an apartment or condo and don't have access to a spigot, you can fill your RinseKit. Simply screw this adapter to your sink faucet and quickly fill your RinseKit with hot, cold, or warm water.

Pressure Booster Pump

Don't have access to a hose spigot or sink? Simply use the included funnel to pour still water into your RinseKit and then pump in the pressure with our Pressure Booster Pump.  It's also perfect for adding pressure to your RinseKit if you have low water pressure at home. Increases spray time by 25%!

Hot Rod Water Heater

The Hot Rod Water Heater quickly and safely heats the water in your RinseKit to comfortable shower temperature.


Weight: 19 lbs when filled, 7 lbs when empty