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upTOP thinFIN - Tacoma (2016-2019)
upTOP thinFIN - Tacoma (2016-2019)
upTOP thinFIN - Tacoma (2016-2019)

upTOP thinFIN - Tacoma (2016-2019)

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An industry first solution to utilizing all your roof top space. The thinFIN replaces the overly tall factory shark fin antenna with a dual purpose 3D printed cap allowing that elusive seventh load bar to be had at last.

Designed and manufactured in partnership with MESO Customs. Two exit ports for roof top electrical requirements. 

Satin Black UV coated finish.

Typical installation time (thinFIN modification and removal and reinstallation of headliner/trim is 2.5 hours)

Requires a small (.500") hole drilled in the roof of the truck inside the cast aluminum antenna housing to pass wiring from the exterior to the interior of the truck. Hole remains concealed under antenna footprint and is sealed from the elements utilizing the same rubber base gasket of the OEM antenna. Installation does not require removal of the headliner from the truck. Moderate disassembly of the rear interior trim to gain access to the OEM antenna nut for removal required. 

Fits 2016-2019 Toyota Tacoma ONLY, No 2ND generation or 2020. 


(1) upTOP thinFIN Antenna Cap

(1) WeatherPack female 6 pin connector. Pre-wired and taped with 14 foot access pigtail. When routed properly will reach the base of the passenger A Pillar of the DC Tacoma.

(1) WeatherPack Male 6 pin connector with pins and weather boots. Requires end user termination. Requires no special tools.


Ships as component assortment, unassembled. Installation required. Includes insulating tape for building your harness to the correct length. Kit ships with 6 conductors, 16 AWG Pure Copper OFC wire. Limitation is 12 amps per circuit (wire).